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With e-CORP, you can make immediate and accurate decisions based on real-time information. Real-time float analysis provides the information needed to assure the availability of funds. Authorized employees can make transfers and payments including ACH and internal transfers, wire transfers, and tax and loan payments.

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    Up-to-the minute transaction activity can be displayed, providing a list of all transactions. Dynamic transaction search is also available. The searches can even be categorized by type, date, or number, and transactions can be exported into popular commerical accounting products. An image search within the transaction menu provides the ability to seach and view specific images. Images can be categorized by item number, and check images can be displayed by clicking on a specific check number. These integrated benefits further enhance the capability to research items in a real-time environment. e-CORP offers greater functionality while maximizing security; controls can be established at the employee level.

    Anytime, Anywhere Cash Management

    You can also download your account activity for reconciliation and fraud management purposes. Additionally, e-CORP allows for real-time stop payment capabilities on any assigned account. The Stop Payment menu provides a complete list of all features, thereby reducing the research resourced needed. e-CORP is continually making enhancements to improve and add to the services we can provide our customers.

    For more information, please contact us at deposits@cornerstonebankga.com.